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Artists' Association MUU » 8.2.2010 MUU Monday – IMAGINARY PLAYGROUND
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MUU Monday February 8, 2010 5 pm –

Suvadeep Das (India), Christina Georgiou (Cyprus), Sari TM Kivinen (Australia), Katariina Mylläri (Finland), Julia Stein a.k.a. Juliacks (USA), Tuuli Tubin (Estonia), Ilka Theurich (Germany)

Host of the performance evening performance artist Varpu Lukka.

In co-operation with Theatre Academy Helsinki / Live Art & Performance

Imaginary Playground:

We are a group of performance artists with contrasting artistic and cultural
backgrounds. We are each currently enrolled at the Theatre Academy in the MA
degree programme Live Art and Performance Studies. In addition to
interacting performatively for our studies we have also performed together
as a group for events outside of the academic setting. For example
performing under the name of Imaginary Playground at the Todellisuuden
Tutkimuskeskus in Helsinki, November 2009 alongside additional collaborators
Tashi Iwaoka and Tuomas Laitinen, and again at Galleria 3H+K in Pori,
December 2009. We are interested in exploring collaboration as a coming
together of individual actions and images with moments of intersections
producing unpredictable results.

For our upcoming performance at Muu Maanantai we will develop further ways
of performing individually and collaboratively, with a specific focus on
interruptions caused by interactions within the performance. A theoretical
interest is how one performer can either compliment or destroy the idea/
action/ image created by the other. How can we as a group perform together
whilst creating separate imagery? How do we interact with the audience?

We are interested to investigate our collisions as performers, as people, as

Acknowledging that we each have individual thoughts about performance, about
how to perform, the purpose of performance, the influences we draw from,
ways of interacting et al, our collaboration for Muu Maanantai will consider
the individual and group structure/s at play.

The members of the teaK group and their individual themes are: Suvadeep Das
with an interest in community art, shamanism and ritual within performance;
Christina Georgiou uses her body as a transformable subject in relation to
the environment; Sari TM Kivinen exploring identity constructs through
layers of role-play; Katariina Mylläri is interested in prejudice and
manipulation of norms and values; whilst Juliacks creates multimedia
performance installations and comics about loss through transformation;
Tuuli Tubin works with old rituals from different countries; and Ilka
Theurich explores the world of the concrete experience.

Collaborating with us will be performance artist Varpu Lukka.

– presentation text written in English by Sari TM Kivinen, translated into
Finnish by Katariina Mylläri –