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MUU Galleria
Lönnrotinkatu 33
00180 Helsinki
Tue–Fri 12–5 pm, Sat–Sun 12–4 pm

Image: Anu Raatikainen: Crawler 2019

Consciousness screen is an exhibition that merges light, drawing and sculpture through LED lights, light boxes and drawings made with oil paint medium.

Join us for the exhibition opening on Friday, 8 November 2019, from 17:00–19:00. Welcome!

Anu Raatikainen makes drawings with oil paint medium. Unlike paint, which would bleed along the fibres, the medium retains its shape on the paper. Areas saturated with it become translucent compared with the untreated opaque paper, and the drawn marks become visible when seen against light. Instead of being reflected from the surface, light in these works passes through the substrate. Filtering through the marks made with the painting medium, light itself becomes a material. The passage of light through the paper is determined by the marks drawn on it, not unlike the human mind that with its definitions and conceptual thinking delimits the endless possibilities of the world into a specific shape.

Treading the borderline between the abstract and the figurative, Raatikainen combines visual references that range from science fiction to archaic forms of expression, plants and biological imageries. The drawings come to life under the gaze of LED lights mounted on steel tubing stands.

Anu Raatikainen is a Helsinki-based visual artist who uses light in her work. She received an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in December 2017, and has exhibited in solo and group shows in Finland and internationally. Although Raatikainen works in a range of different media, the connecting thread in her art is light – as a material, a theme, even a metaphor.

Some of the works in the exhibition were created in Studio Kura residency in Fukuoka, Japan, in April 2019.

Thanks to Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Helsinki Hacklab!