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Perjantaina 1.11.2019, klo 19
Bobst Library, New York elmer-holmes-bobst-library

Taiteilijat ja teokset:
Lora Dimova, The Space Between Me and You
Tuukka Haapakorpi, Heliocentrism
Jarmo Huhta, Balloons
Anssi Laiho, The Overshoot Planet
Marko Timlin, Snow Crystals

Lyhyt esittely teoksista englanniksi:

Lora DimovaThe Space Between Me and You
33 min

image: Lora Dimova, The Space Between Me and You

Between material and immaterial spaces. I exist. Is space just an illusion to separate me from you? Words from abstract reality. Do my avatars belong to me as they belong to you? The lost sense of time and space, floating in the unknown. existing in between. How far we need to travel to reach to one another?… to dissolve the distance that separates us.

Tuukka HaapakorpiHeliocentrism
20 min

Heliocentrism deals with the notion of the thing-in-itself from the standpoint of object-oriented ontology and poly/panisorhythm. Composed of private and public archives, the piece combines sounds of celestial bodies in our solar system, as well as the sounds of terrestrial machines and human voice. In the musical piece the aspects of human voice gradually become diffused with the sounds of machines and planets.

Jarmo Huhta: Balloons
10:10 min

image: Jarmo Huhta, Balloons. Photo: Janne Karjalainen

Balloons is a sound work consisting of spoken words, soundscape and musical passages. It’s done mainly using piano, inside piano effects and human voice. Balloons consists of three parts. In the first part speaker lists needs of warfare, starting from balloons and ending to doomsday device. The second part contains variable, short music and soundscape fragments.  In the third part speech is accompanied by subtle, minimalist vocal fragments.

Anssi LaihoThe Overshoot Planet
12 min

image: Anssi Laiho. Photo: Jari Haavikko.

Overshoot Planet is an ambisonic multichannel work of acousmatic music. It takes the listener to an imaginary journey to a planet that is inhabited by alien creatures that were born after the humans that created them were extinct.

Marko TimlinSnow Crystals
8:32 min

image: Marko Timlin – Snow Crystals, photo by Ossi Ahola

Snow Crystals is a multichannel composition for 104 spatially distributed floppy disk drives. This composition pays homage to the infinite diversity of nature: like natural phenomena it is in a  state of flux with constantly changing micro-variations embedded in a clear overall structure.