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– exploring new frontiers of visual art in the age of digital technology and culture

image: Joonas Hyvönen: Dork Factory, 2018


Media Cube at Central Library Oodi challenges artists to invent immersive artworks that explore new ways to create a holistic art experience. The technical facilities of the Kuutio space at Oodi library are unique, allowing the creation of artworks that could never have been presented before anywhere in Finland.

The Media Cube project attracted the interest of artist across the board. Applications for the workshop were received from 60 artists both in the field of visual art and beyond. A prominent theme in the entries was the wish to expand the range of one’s artistic expression.

The workshop leaders Jukka Hautamäki and Marko Tandefelt selected six artists whose practices differ in terms of content, approach as well as technical characteristics and will thereby enrich the workshop as a whole. The participating artist are Joonas Hyvönen, Yassine Khaled, Hilda Kozári, Maija Lassila, Ami Lindholm and Simo Rouhiainen. Held in October, the workshop gives participants a hands-on introduction to the possibilities of the Kuutio space and invites them to present proposals for the very first artworks designed specifically for the venue. Two of the proposals will be presented in Kuutio in spring 2020, produced with supported from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Oodi has up to 11,000 visitors daily, and the potential of the Kuutio space is only beginning to unfold. Three of the walls of the rectangular space double as screens, two of them reacting to touch. How does a work of art in Kuutio manifest itself to viewers? What sensations and thoughts does it provoke? “The workshop will provide artists with tools and ideas that extend far into the future, mapping out the new possibilities of visual art in an age of digital technology and culture,” says media artist Jukka Hautamäki, curator of Media Cube and co-leader of the workshop.

Media Cube is part of the Arts Promotion Centre’s development programme for artistic expertise and mediation that seeks to make visible new ways of applying artistic expertise. The project is a collaborative effort between Central Library Oodi, Artists’ Association MUU and University of the Arts Helsinki.

More information:
Annika Dahlsten, Art Advisor, tel. +358 295 330 907, annika.dahlsten(a)taike.fi
Timo Soppela, Director, MUU, +358 9 625 972, director(a)muu.fi