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MUU Studio

Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki, Finland
Open: Tue – Fri 12-17, Sat – Sun 12-16

image: Dana Neilson, Closer to (My) Nature


The overarching theme in Dana Neilson’s work is the relationship humans have with their surroundings and how the physical world influences our interior selves.  In her video work Closer to (My) Nature she explores natural shapes and environments molding her body to them as opposed to the ubiquitous human drive to give shape to the land.

Opening of the exhibition on Friday 22 February 2019, from 5pm–7pm. Welcome!

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Yi-Fu Tuan, in his book Passing Strange and Wonderful: Aesthetics, Nature, and Culture, describes the idea of nature as disorder and culture as order. He writes that nature is the wild mane of hair on our heads and culture the way we comb and organize that mane.  It is common in our society to find peace in order, or search for structure in our chaotic lives, but Dana wonders if the natural might not be more freeing. Is there a natural part of our being that we keep pushing aside due to cultural expectation? Is there a flow we are missing by putting ourselves in the societal grid, limiting ourselves and cordoning off our possibilities? Intersecting physical environment and interior self, this video piece provokes dialogue between landscape and the human body.  It encompasses a meeting point of land and body, of earth and soul, a rediscovery of nature.

Dana Neilson is a Canadian artist based in Helsinki. A photographer by education, her practice also includes ceramics, sculpture and video art. The overarching theme is her work is the relationship humans have with their environment usually encompassing the themes of experience and influence.  At the moment her main points of inquiry are what’s natural about human nature? Order vs. disorder (culture vs. nature) and ceramics from scratch.  She holds a BFA in Photography from Concordia University and a MA from Aalto University’s Visual Culture and Contemporary Art Master’s program.  Her work has been exhibited in Europe and North America.