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MUU Gallery

Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki, Finland
Open: Tue – Fri 12-17, Sat – Sun 12-16

image: Thomas Westphal, Diachronical 2


Diachronical 2, presented in MUU Gallery, is considered by the artists as the continuation of a project instead of a display of finished artworks. The exhibition is a follow-up of Diachronical 1, exhibited in Huuto Gallery (January, 2019). Now, four weeks after, Thomas shows the outcome of having followed a different branch of the decision tree. He has put himself in an interesting position by working on a single theme in two different spaces. A set of visual strategies allow both exhibitions to follow up on one another. This artistic double tapping allows for reflection on different production stages. Rather than creating individual pieces, the artist focused on the process of developing an idea, that may manifest itself in various forms and can leap between different media.

Opening of the exhibition on Friday 22 February 2019, from 5pm–7pm. Welcome!

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The exhibition’s title references an accord established and evolved across time: a creator must become aware and observant of the process while creating. As a sculptor, Thomas works freely between media and explores several production stages before realizing his idea. For example: some works may start by creating a set-up where a performance takes place, video footage will be shot, and a sculpture will be created through this process. Sometimes he finds the work whilst in-progress and has no other choice but to stop working right then and there. Other times a scripted performance may inspire a mechanized sculpture, that later becomes a drawing, which leads to a video piece. Free choice between materials (physical or digital) is undertaken to study forces that affect each other.

The project’s imagery deals with transitory spaces and the non-spaces in between, with the states of before and after and what lies in between. The change of locations is divided by time, thus creating a third imaginative space/time. The artist calls its creations Envelope sculptures, due to the fact that space is temporarily squeezed in between the before and after, where things and qualities have to change/disappear in order for other qualities to appear.

Presented are some of Thomas’ reactions to the exhilarating changes in technology and economic models. The speed in which these changes occur leads to ideas and spaces that manage to outgrow their initial meaning and purpose midst creation. Ultimately, the Diachronical project’s goal is to present a response to the question: can the quality of an artwork or an exhibition benefit from an open-ended approach?

Thomas Westphal (b.1972 in Bochum, Germany) earned his Bachelor of Arts from aki, Akademie voor beeldende Kunst in Enschede and his Master’s degree at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. He lives and works since 2001 in Helsinki. He has exhibited in Germany, Greece, China, Russia, Netherlands and the United States. He had a solo exhibition was “Iconics & Beats” at Gallery Sculptor in Helsinki (2015). His works are in collections of Museum of contemporary art, Kiasma, Museum of modern art, EMMA and the art collection of the Finnish National Gallery. He is a member of Huuto, MUU and the Finnish Sculptors Association and active within “Videokaffe” International artist collective.