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Artists' Association MUU » 7.5.-30.5.2010 Outi Sunila
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7.5.-30.5.2010 Outi Sunila


The starting point of the installation of images and videos in the exhibition are 120 wall writings.

“The idea came to me in an underground passage in October 2008. There it stood, on a concrete wall, written in block letters: DOWN WITH DEMOCRACY. So the next day I came with my camera and took a picture of it. The dark side of life seemed to me more attractive underground than it did up in the daylight. Conversations written on city walls deal with things we never utter aloud. Fundamentalism, atheism, hedonism, racism and love, all appear in an apparently friendly dialogue, telling their own truth of the ideal world. After I had collected quite a number of pictures – from backyards, underpasses and gateways – I began to look for a visual form for my project, representation in the context of art.

This exhibition is an attempt to understand and deal with a world that is different from my own personal reality. I organize twenty thousand pin badges into rows and lines so that I can step back and see a bigger picture, even if it is a fragmented one. I train rats and sit with them, day in and day out, hoping their chaotic existence would turn into logical behaviour, and maybe then I would be able to film my video. Rats are not humans even if they act similarly.”

The title of the exhibition is a quotation from my collection of wall writings. It sums up both the equation of the texts as well as the artist’s attempt to solve it.