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Artists' Association MUU » PANU JOHANSSON – PICTURING A MICROPOLIS: 96100-97690
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19.1. – 17.2.2019
MUU Studio
Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki, Finland
Open: Tue-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 12-16

image : Panu Johansson, Pienikaupunkisinfonia 96100 – 97690


A city symphony is an early film genre which does not have a specific definition. Usually, the films belonging to this category have been described as experimental documentaries trying to capture the local atmosphere, whilst showcasing everyday-life in a given city. The well-known city symphonies of the 1920’s typically depict the big cities of that time, and they emphasized on a new kind of urban life and its modern tone and pulse. In these films you can see glimpses of global metropolises such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, or (the most popular example) New York.

Opening on Friday 18 January 2019, from 5pm–7pm. Welcome!

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The term micropolis does not have an established or exact definition either. Usually, it is considered to be the opposite of the term metropolis – a big city. A micropolis is therefore a small town, often also located far from larger population centres.

Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690 is a city symphony and short experimental film that depicts Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. The film is not only a result of years of filming and grass-roots level observing, but also an entity in which all the details captured on film – images, memories, seasons and neighbourhoods – are swarmed to the viewers retina as an intense kinetic stream. Eventually the grainy mass of shots forms a new kind of bare image of the city, which also reflects on a larger scale Finland’s real national landscapes: forest-encircled suburbs made of concrete.

The music of the film has been made in collaboration with Seli Seli, a psychedelic rock band from Oulu.

Panu Johansson is a media artist and an experimental filmmaker from Finland. The medias he mostly works with are moving image and sound. Some important influences and reoccurring themes in his work are the history of avant-garde/experimental film and also cultural history in general. When working with moving images he usually prefers analogue film and also likes to use found footage materials whenever possible.

This exhibition is generously supported by
The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Arts Council of Lapland
The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK