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Artists' Association MUU » 7.12.2009 MUU Monday – Interactive sound-work course
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7.12.2009 MUU Monday – Interactive sound-work course

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MUU MONDAY 7.12.2009

As an introduction and inspiration to the course, Muu has invited artists working with Max/MSP to conduct presentations of their work. course-info

Richard Widerberg is a media artist and musician from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is mostly working with sound related projects where soundscapes, geography, collaboration, music making and different modes listening play important roles.

Richard will present three projects done in Max/Msp during his Muu Monday presentation. First one is a very simple loop-instrument which is controlled by gamepads and used in Richard’s sound workshops. Second one is his own live music setup where he is sampling himself playing guitar using a pedal and midi-controllers connected to Max/Msp. Third and last one is a MaxMsp patch which is used for the generative sound and light installation Yellow Splitch.

Sormina is a new musical instrument. It is created as part of Juhani Räisänen’s research project in Media Lab, University of Arts and Design Helsinki. Sormina uses sensors and wireless technology to play music. Its design is guided by traditional instrument building.

The aim of Juhani Räisänen’s project is to gain knowledge about instruments and their impact in the western classical music. His point is that the material quality of acoustical instruments has had a major effect in the development of music. The concept of tone quality is historically parallel to the availability of raw material suitable for instruments.

Jukka Hautamäki finished his studies as Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2005. He works with sound, digital image and video. He is on of the founder of Kokomys, a group of artists who works with experimental electronics and sound in Turku.

Jukka Hautamäki is one of the teachers of Muu Media Base course about Max/MSP software, and he will present some of his max/msp/jitter patch works.