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Tuija Järvenpää
Tromsø, Norway

Artists’ Association MUU and Small Project gallery organise residency for MUU member artist


image: “Boudoir de Paris – performance for a public space”, Paris, 2003.
Photographer: Gert-Jan Kocken


This Autumn Small Project gallery in Tromsø, Norway, approached MUU with an offer of a one-month residency for one of the members of MUU in Tromsø. An open call for applications led to the selection of Tuija Järvenpää for the residency, which is part of the Nordic-Baltic A-i-R residency program.

During the residency period October–November 2018, Tuija Järvenpää’s main goal has been to engage in public encounters. She wants to meet her audience in an ordinary, everyday setting, in the public space, and to offer a new kind of situation, space or intervention. Järvenpää’s art is at heart political as she explores in discreet ways issues that involve ecology or social equality. The media she uses in this include sculpture, architecture, design and performance art.

Tuija Järvenpää’s site-specific installations have made her a sought-after architect in contemporary art exhibitions. She has designed the architecture for several extensive exhibition projects of the Helsinki Art Museum and of MUU in 2001–2008 (including the Art Fair Suomi contemporary art festival at Cable Factory in Helsinki).

About Nordic-Baltic A-i-R

The Nordic-Baltic A-i-R program aims to strengthen the network between Tromsø’s growing art scene and artists from the Nordic and the Baltic countries. A-i-R is rooted in the collaboration with the local art organizations – Tromsø kunstforening, RadArt (Tromsø Performing Arts Network), Insomnia festival, and artist-run initiatives Kurant, Small Projects and Mondo Tromsø, which provides a good framework for the program.  Since 2010 the program has hosted 26 artists from Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Nordic-Baltic A-i-R is supported by Nordic Culture Point and Troms County Council.