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Artists' Association MUU » PIA MÄNNIKKÖ – PHASER
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MUU Cable
Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki, Finland
Open: mon–fri 10–19, sat–sun 12–16

Pia_Mannikko_Vaiheinen_02image: Pia Männikkö, Vaiheinen / Phaser


My work is often inspired by the movements and dimensions of the human body. I am fascinated by the way we observe our environment. I am curious and like to experiment with new techniques and materials. I am inspired by nature and physics and the variable scale of the phenomena, but also by historical stage sets, pre-cinema visual effects and mechanical contraptions. In my work, I often record the passage of time or the growth and change of the works themselves. A bodily connection between the viewer and my art is important for me.

Opening on Thursday 8th of November, from 5pm – 7pm. Welcome!

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In Phaser I wanted to highlight the phenomenon known as moiré, but on a new scale. Moiré is an interference pattern that is produced when two patterns of lines or grids overlap at a certain angle. This causes some parts of the pattern to thicken so that an entirely new pattern seems to emerge. Programmed pushing devices move white sheets of perforated vinyl that reach from floor to ceiling. Sheets like this are commonly used as the ground for large advertisements that cover entire building exteriors. The motions generated by the devices create ever-changing moiré patterns that also shift when the viewer moves inside the installation.

Pia Männikkö graduated with an MFA from the Department of Sculpture and Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art in 2010, and she earned the same degree from the Department of Sculpture at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art in 2014. Männikkö uses a range of media and techniques in her work, from everyday object, textiles and clay to photography and video. She has shown her sculptures and installations at exhibitions and art events in Finland and internationally, including the Mänttä Art Festival, the OpenART Biennale in Örebro, the art museums of Rovaniemi and Lahti, Armory Gallery in Sydney, Ex Chiesa Di San Francesco in Como, and the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. piamannikko.com

The exhibition is generously supported by the Suomen Kulttuurirahasto and Arts Promotion Centre in Finland (TAIKE).