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MUU Gallery

Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki; Finland
Open: Tue – Fri 12-17, Sat – Sun 12-16


image: Anna Hyrkkänen & Heidi Saramäki, Delusions of Certainty II

 “A mind burning holes in the world.” (The Enchantment of Lily Dahl, Siri Hustvedt)

We seek meanings for isolated experiences of the human mind that can appear to us as bodily or mental states. Experiences are porous and find a place in landscapes of shifting in-between states; mind and body, me and you, perception, memory and imagination, are all interlinked. Ultimately the seemingly separate feelings, perceptions and images may settle into our everyday consciousness and organise themselves into a narrative whole.

Opening on Thursday 8th of November, from 5pm – 7pm. Welcome!

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The starting point of our exhibition is in enactivist ideas.  According to enactivist theory, the mind emerges in the interaction between an organism and its environment.  A living organism constructs its knowledge and meanings in a process wherein the bodily actions of the organism are intertwined with its environment. An organism creates itself by behaving affectively in the world. Affectivity is a fundamental sensitivity or receptiveness to one’s circumstances and the world.  According to enactivists, a living organism creates its own boundaries and builds its own mind. But what and where is an organism really – how do you determine its boundaries?

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from an essay by Siri Hustvedt. Ideas are also borrowed from a piece by Laura Oulanne, Anna Ovaska & Pii Telakivi entitled ‘Ruumiillinen mieli ja ruumiillistetut objektit – Haastattelussa Giovanni Colombetti’ (interview with Giovanni Colombetti in niin&näin 2/2017).

Anna Hyrkkänen
Heidi Saramäki

The production of this work is supported by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK).