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TOM LÖNNQVIST – Policy Incertitude – My No More Culture vs Nature / MUU Cable

MUU Cable
Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki
Open: Tues–Fri 10–19, Sat–Sun 12–16


Kuva: Tom Lönnqvist

Is our world breaking down because we are unable to make decisions relating to the reality of the crisis unfolding around us?
Policy incertitude explores perception in the context of self-posed questions. It does not give any answers, seeking instead to raise the question of how we should position ourselves in relation to the world in which we must act.

Opening on Thursday 25.10.2018 from 5 pm to 7 pm. Opening performance by. Sara Gurevitsch. Welcome! 

Performances during the exhibition:
27.10.2018 3 pm: ‘Avoidance’
4.11.2018 1.30 pm: a performance part of Helsinki Art Walk

“I have sought to create a world that is not a narrative but a circumstance where something can happen. I have asked myself whether I see the reality of the world, and whether it is proportional to what I do in my art? Is the load caused by my art justified, and is it commensurate with my hopes for the future?”

The exhibition will be Tom Lönnqvist’s first solo exhibition in which he straddles the boundary between audio and visual art. The show consists of a large freestanding photographic print on canvas (w. 3m, h. 2.4m). In front of the canvas is a work made of fishing lines. Hanging from the ceiling, it vibrates and produces sound through transducer speakers. The soundscape consists of ambisonic recordings. The sounds create an immersive audio/viewing experience. Together, the picture and the sounds create an immersive spatial audio/viewing experience.