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Monday 22.10.2018
MUU Gallery
Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki
4pm workshop, 6pm video screening


Photo: Hanne Ivars

Register for the event here.

“Finished and Last-Minute Videos” is a series of Monday night events in MUU Gallery that was launched in 2012.

The night’s theme is Poetry, a form of literature that uses the aesthetic qualities of language instead of focusing on meaning or grammatical correctness. But how can poetry be used in a moving image work? Can a video be a poem, and in what way? Bring along a video or Internet work of your own for screening and to discuss it with our commentator, poet Saila Susiluoto.

Poet Saila Susiluoto (1971) is a Helsinki-based poet and artist professor. Her publications include eight books of poetry, a poetry app called Antikythera, and an auditory artwork entitled Oratorio, produced with Antti Nykyri. Susiluoto is the recipient of the Kalevi Jäntti Prize, the Finland Prize and the Einari Vuorela Prize for poetry. Susiluoto is interested multimedial art and the interfaces of art. Her poems have been translated into fifteen languages, she teaches creative writing, and performs with various ensembles.

As a warm-up to the screening, Markus Renvall will conduct a two-hour workshop to produce a last-minute video on the night’s theme. Focusing on experiments in digital moving image, the workshop will result in a collectively created last-minute video, which will be screened during the evening.

The screening event will be hosted by artists Hanne Ivars and Markus Renvall.

Register for the free workshop or reserve a seat for yourself at the screening HERE!

Everyone is welcome! The video screening will start after the workshop, at 6 pm.
Bring your own video to be screened, or just enjoy videos by others.

Finished and last-minute videos are equally welcome.

The video night will continue as long as there are videos to be screened! Free admission!