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MUU Kaapeli
Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki
Open: Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00, Sat–Sun 12:00–16:00


Pinture: Mari Hokkanen

What is the colour grey? What story does it tell? I make ten sketches, trying to capture the grey invisibility inside me, only to find myself alone on an empty stage. The show is stolen by meaninglessness and insignificance.

 Colour is a physical phenomenon, electromagnetic radiation. Like a random figure, a square or an ellipse, it is meaningless in itself. Colours acquire meaning only when a community or an individual ascribe meaning to them. Colours carry different meanings and connotations in different cultures and eras.

Opening on Thursday 13th of September, from 5pm – 7pm. Welcome!

My pictures in this exhibition explore the cultural history and use of colours by examining the meanings and emotions ascribed to them.

Colours became for me a tool, or actually a game with simple rules I laid down beforehand: Always paint the same five square metre space with a different colour. Use the space to show the emotion evoked by the colour, its cultural, historical or subjective meaning or a combination of meanings. Use only a minimum amount of scenery and props. Leave the colour room to express itself.

Green is the colour of mould and decomposition, of jealousy and death, of newness and durability. I want to show jealousy, but I can’t get a grip on it. I simply cannot be as mad and violent as jealousy requires. I bury my jealousy, and the colour space becomes filled with the historical toxicity of green, with death and the birth of new things.

The exhibition is generously supported by the Uusimaa Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.