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An extremely random media installation

14.9. – 21.10.2018
MUU Gallery
Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki
Open: Tue-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 12-16

Picture: Markus Renvall


Markus Renvall cooperates. He wants to entice people to take part in his works, because everyone can make art and everyone has a story to tell. He is critical to the factory-made, which does not allow the product to be improved by the user. He is looking for handmade solutions that can be reversed based on the needs that arise. If a product is perfect, it is also uninteresting to Renvall.

Opening on Thursday 13th of September, from 5pm – 7pm. Welcome!


His exhibition Saga and Fairytale is a rich entirety. The exhibition consists of extremely random dance performances in various urban environments, filmed with various cameras and aids, including a tripod for two cameras designed by Renvall. The material is edited so that details disappear into each other and a new reality occurs. A further amplifier of the mood is Renvall’s music.

It pays to stop and consider the overwhelming amount of information. In the video installation, no element becomes more prominent. Markus Renvall compares his installation with entropy. The concept can be explained by an untidy room. The room’s entropy is the number of ways you can put things in order to achieve a certain level of disharmony. The difficulty in understanding the concept of entropy often depends on the uncertainty regarding the concept of order and harmony.

The exhibition also includes an interactive installation in the window, which varies depending on daytime.

Markus Renvall’s CV is long. On distinguishing feature is his immens collaborations with different social groups, especially with children, young and disabled people. His involvement among different communities is based on his own experiences, especially during a difficult youth period. Now he wants to help as many as possible to get a positive approach to life. Instead of dealing with problems, one should work to avoid them.

His exhibition wants to attract the audience. The idea is that: anyone can do it at home because this is art that is playful and engaging!

Text: Rita Leppiniemi

Thank you:
Arts Promotion Center TAIKE
Audiovisual Culture Promotion Center AVEK / Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo
Visual Arts Promotion Center VISEK