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MUU Cable
Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Please note opening hours:
3–31 August: Mon–Fri 10:00–18:00, Sat–Sun 13:00–17:00
1–9 September: Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00, Sat–Sun 12:00–16:00


image: Timo Kokko, Momentary Appearance: Katharsis


When the two of us were shivering in the cold rain to see who would stand it longer, you sent me a message with a smile: “That umbrella it comforts you forever if you just let it.”

Momentary Appearance: Katharsis is an installation in several parts with elements made of a fluorescent substance that glows under UV light. 

Opening of the exhibition in MUU Cable is on Thursday 2 August 2018 at 5-7 pm! Welcome!

The show in MUU Cable is a sequel to the Momentary Appearance art project I have been developing since 2012. It is a continuing artistic investigation of space, light and fluorescent materials.  The first version of the installation was presented in Kuopio Art Museum in 2016.

Timo Kokko is a visual artist from Kuopio. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at University of the Arts Helsinki in 2014. In his work, Kokko interrogates the essence of installation and sculpture using materials, nonmateriality, space and perception as his tools. The individual, time, moments and transitoriness are among the recurring themes in his site-specific works. Engaging the architecture of the gallery in a dialogue, many of his works exist only for the duration of the show. Often traces of the process of their making are left visible, or that process is made part of the exhibition.

The production of this exhibition was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.