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The Moment of Seeing.

MUU Cable
Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, 00180 Helsinki, Finland
Open: Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat-Sun 12-16


image: Liisa Hilasvuori & Sanna Pajunen, Kukinto


A work of art is a world from which one particular phenomenon has been chosen for scrutiny. A form has been painstakingly created to express that phenomenon. The work of art is a hermetic world that, while it is being made, begins to influence its creator, to suggest ways for how to move forward. Could hands-on creation bring about a more subjective and layered understanding of the weaving networks of roads or the act of floating in the sea?

Opening of the exhibition in MUU Cable is on Thursday 12 April 2018 at 5-7 pm! Welcome!


Sanna: Seen from above, the streets and roads of a city lie on the ground, meandering. They imply comings and goings, a sense of journey. They form routes that occasionally cross other routes. At those crossings, you make up your mind whether to go on or turn back. I have woven my works from grey root barrier fabric, a kind of tissue with the plots and water areas cut away. Maps, whose purpose is to prevent chaos and promote order, have in my work become tangled heaps that confound the navigator, lead astray.

Liisa: In my work, I have depicted two animals by drawing and moulding stiffened fabric. Years ago in Berlin I accidentally found myself in a dark place where dozens of jellyfish were swimming in a cylindrical aquarium. The decorative animals drifted about without any thought of their environment. I even drew jellyfish on the airplane, for the exhibition application. And when I walked on a breakwater in the Danish straits, jellyfish crowded around me. Jellyfish can tolerate polluted water, they multiply into blooms, they are the winners of climate change. I also drew pictures of a completely black raven into the work. When I was in a residency in Iceland, a country that according to legend was discovered by a tame raven, a bird crowed hollowly in the yard outside my room. I have sat next to a cage in the zoo in Helsinki, waiting for the moment a raven would take to wing for a second. Ravens communicate amongst themselves in subtle ways. I show them in human size, as our equals.

We have known each other for fourteen years, from the time we both studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, where we graduated in 2009/2010. Sanna Pajunen is from Pori, Finland. She takes fragments and traces of the environment and creates from them material stories that take the form of installations. Liisa Hilasvuori is from Helsinki, Finland. She creates site-specific installations and drawings. The Piirakkakerho (‘Pie Club’) is a group of nine female artists that organises community happenings.

Thanks to Satakunta Arts Council of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland for supporting Sanna Pajunen’s work.