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Artists’ Association MUU:
curated by Xavier Acarín
in collaboration with Sant Andreu Contemporani

Exhibition by Timo Wright at MUU Kaapeli, 2014.

You have to be a new member of MUU from 2016-2018 (membership application must have been sent latest 31 October 2017).
Deadline: April 2 (by Midnight Helsinki Time)

A small fee will be paid to the chosen artists.

Link to the application form HERE

The selected artists will participate in an exhibition at MUU Kaapeli, Cable Factory, together with a group of artists from Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain. This is a shared initiative of MUU and Sant Andreu Contemporani, curated by Xavier Acarín.

Päättymätön prosessi (FIN)/ Ändlös process (SWE)/ Procés sense fi (CAT)/ Proceso sin fin (SPA) / Endless Process (ENG)

Endless Process

We live in a world where large and complex networks are organizing production, consumption and governance. However, we live isolated, as single entities, divided by discourses and architectures, mediated by technologies, and encouraged to produce and consume relentlessly. An insistence on uniqueness that influences the way we define and perceive ourselves and our surroundings, as enclosed, limited, and finalized. Identities that are binding, patterns of behavior and norms of conduct that are established and defined our social landscapes. Art practices do not escape this vision. From artworks to exhibitions, everything must be justified and presented under an aesthetic and conceptual regime, where projects are valued as elements in competition. At the same time, process-based artistic practices have become a usual refuge for vagueness far from their original intentions. Among them, we can recall how the sixties emphasis on systems and process questioned the status of the body and the object by looking at modes of connectivity, with clear political and counter-cultural intentions. Experimentation and research that aimed to act as a space of relation, eliminating the distance that representation imposes on both creation and reception.

Is there a space between both poles, between immovable entities and an undefined-everything-goes? What is the role of intuition? How to create from the intersected and interrelated position of the subject towards a networked and non-hierarchical globe? What is the space of total transformation? If we as art people are capable of influence on the organization of the world, what can we take from our work that will hint into ways of doing and relating that convey society as networked and entangled? Where and how bodies, matter, and invisible forces meet? How can we formulate a space of artistic and social experimentation that is relevant and can be extended? How is it to be and do as endless process? Endless process is not a topic-based exhibition, it is a manifestation, a presence, an action.

Curator of the exhibition, Xavier Acarín (b. 1982), is a curator and researcher from Barcelona based in New York. Acarín’s practice revises art and social histories as a means to propose different composition of the material and the sensorial. He holds a Master in Curatorial Studies from the Center of Curatorial Studies at Bard College, and he has worked as an art producer for various institutions in Spain and in the United States. Acarín’s projects have been presented at Chez Bushwick, Elastic City, The New School for Social Research, and Peekskill Project 6. His writings have been published at A-Desk and BRAC (University of Barcelona) and he has participated as author of the books Designing Experience (Bloomsbury, 2014), and Dear Helen (CCS Bard, 2014).

In November 2016 Xavier Acarín participated in MUU’s exhibition group’s work, he was choosing exhibitions to MUU Gallery’s and MUU Kaapeli’s program. Acarín was in residency in Helsinki International Curatorial Programme (HICP), organised by HIAP in collaboration with Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

About proposals

We welcome all kinds of works for the exhibition: video works, sound works, media art, photographs, paintings, drawings, installations, performances, etc. New works that have been made during the last three years will be preferred in the selection. We are especially interested in never-before-seen works and works that represent the artist’s creation process, even so that they are unfinished when the exhibition opens and will be completed by the artist during the exhibition. In addition to singular works, you may apply with a number of works that form a larger whole. In this case we would like to see a mounting plan that shows how you imagine the works to be displayed in the gallery space.

This is not only a search for practices that are process-based, it is also about works that demonstrate processes.

The preliminary plan is to select works by 4 MUU artists (+4 Spanish artists). However, the final form of the exhibition will be decided on the basis of the applications.

You may apply with already finished works or work ideas. Present your idea in the application with a work plan and images. The selection and the site of presentation of the works will be decided by curator Xavier Acarin.

SEND IN YOUR APPLICATION no later than on 2 April 2018 (by Midnight Helsinki Time).

Inquiries: muugalleria(a)muu.fi