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Artists' Association MUU » JUHANI KOIVUMÄKI – Hate Speech
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An audiovisual poem about the nature of hate speech.

2.3. – 8.4.2018
MUU Studio
Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki
Open: Tue-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 12-16

Juhani Koivumäki: Vihapuhe, 2018

Hate speech. Angry speech. Talk about hate and anger and hate speech. Do I condone hate speech? Do I condemn it? Who is it that does the hating? When does one have the right to hate?

Juhani Koivumäki has taken on a topic that is one of the most urgent issues in public debate in Europe in the 2010s. An issue to which many people have a readymade answer.

Opening of the exhibition is 1.3.2018 at 5-7pm! Welcome!


In many of his works, such as Reflection (2013), Koivumäki explores childhood and a child’s experience of the world. The persons in front of the camera in Hate Speech, too, are children, but their carefree swordplay is underscored by a sinister clinical narration. Childhood and violence. The combination is disturbing, evoking associations to William Golding’s Lord of the Flies (2954) or Jarmo Mäkilä’s ominous paintings of playing boys (2012).

Koivumäki has never been content with easy solutions in his work. Nor is he now. The exhibition challenges us to consider issues of hate speech and power, but without providing any safe or conventional answers.

(Kimmo Ahonen, PhD)

In his art, Juhani Koivumäki explores ethical issues relating to physical and mental pleasure as well as religious and political understanding. Using both film and media art as his vehicles of expression, he seeks to move the viewer’s thoughts and emotions.

The exhibition is generously supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and AVEK – the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.