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FRISE AiR – Artist Exchange Helsinki – Hamburg
A cooperation between MUU, Helsinki and Frise-Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.

OPEN CALL TO MUU MEMBER ARTISTS – Residency in Hamburg, Germany, 1.3.-1.4.2018.



We are happy to welcome two artists from Finland as a cooperation with MUU in 2018. In 2009, our organizations made first contact with an exchange program between MUU and Frise. You can apply individually, or together with another MUU member artist.

Application deadline 12 January 2018!
Link to the application form HERE!

FRISE – Künstlerhaus Hamburg is an artists studio house and an art center with a gallery and an AiR program. FRISE was founded 1977 and more than 50 artists work here. FRISE is a kind of basic democratic community running the house together. The artists of FRISE are working in various fields of art, like: painting, installation, sculpture, drawing, video, photography, performance, contemporary sound, social intervention or conceptual art.

FRISE is providing this for two artists:
Time period: 1st of March to 1st of April 2018
Duration: 4 weeks (+/-)
Travel costs: up to 250€ for a flight Helsinki-Hamburg incl. return
Accommodation: 4 weeks (+/-) in Frise AiR
Daily allowance: 500€ per artist (for the whole time period)
Artist fee: 500€ per artist
Material money: up to 250€ per artist according to needs

We are glad to offer the following as well:
-shared studio space (optional in cooperation with an other international artist guest)
-2 single bed rooms
-shared kitchen, bathroom, WiFi, laundry
-exhibition: during your stay we organize a show in our gallery (incl. material, Flyer etc.)
-Optional other activities: artist talk, artist dinner…
-personal support by FRISE artists

As a result of the artist work we want to make a public project presentation which can be for example an exhibition in the the end of the stay.

Att. you will find some information about your studio and accommodation.
Frise AiR
Frise Gallery space
Technical stuff

For more information on our art center or artistic program:

– Curriculum Vitae
– project plan (max 1 A4 page)
– pdf with previous projects, texts and pictures (max 10 projects. One pdf document)

Link to the application form HERE!

Application deadline 12 January 2018!

Looking forward to see you in Hamburg
Torsten Bruch

FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg + Abbildungszentrum
Arnoldstrasse 26-30, D-22765 Hamburg, info(a),