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Artists' Association MUU » ART EXCHANGE EVENT
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2.12.2017, at 16:30-19:30
MUU Kaapeli, Cable Factory

Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki

Kuva: Emma Rönnholm, Serve Somebody, 2017


Bring one of your drawings or a small piece of artwork and get another artist’s work in return.

Wrapped up pieces can be brought to the event between 16.30–17.30 after which there will be a raffle to distribute and reveal the work. In addition, some drinks and nibbles will be served, there will be music and time to mingle. Have a look at Emma Rönnholm’s Serve Somebody solo show at the Gallery and visit Ornamo Design Christmas Market (open until 17.00) while there.

Registrate for the event HERE


This is how it works:

  1. Choose a piece of your own work (drawing, painting, photograph or a small sculpture). The work should be a piece you consider a good one, yet one that you are willing to part ways with. Make sure it is signed, so the receiver will know whose work it is and wrap the piece so as to not to see what is inside.
  1. Bring your work to MUU Kaapeli gift table between 16.30–17.30 and you will receive a raft ticket.
  1. After 17.30 the raffle will begin.

If you really want a piece that has already been revealed before your turn, you can use your turn to steal that piece instead of opening your package. It’s your one time only art-thief right, and once used, your unopened package will go to the person you stole the piece from. Make sure you stay until the end of the raffle, since someone might want to steal the piece you got.

The art exchange event will last until around 18.30, after which you are free to stay until 19.30. Drinks and nibbles will be served. You can also bring your own drinks.

Registrate for the event HERE

Good luck!