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Monday 13.11.2017
MUU Gallery
Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki
4pm workshop, 6pm video screening

Iikka Sariola, Drawing, 2016.


“Finished and Last-Minute Videos” is a series of Monday night events in MUU Gallery that was launched in 2012. The theme of the event on Monday, 13 November 2017 is THEOLOGY. Can theology be part of video art or a moving image work? Come and find out. The evening’s commentator is artist/priest Ilkka Sariola.


16.00–18.00 Workshop
Starting at 18.00: Video screening
Register HERE

Does moving image art have any links with theology? Here is a short intro into theology: The word theology comes from ancient Greece where it signified the study of godly things, the contemplation gods and the cosmos (from theos meaning ‘god’, and logos meaning ‘word’ or ‘reason’ or ‘discourse’). The meaning of the term has changed considerably over the centuries when it has been used mainly in Christian thinking.

The word theology comes from ancient Greece where it signified the study of godly things, the contemplation gods and the cosmos (from theos meaning ‘god’, and logos meaning ‘word’ or ‘reason’ or ‘discourse’). Today, the word theology has in fact two meanings. It is used to refer to 1. a scientific discipline, and 2. religious theology. The latter consists of the study of religious dogma as practised by a religious community.

If you are an artist and you have a moving image work that you think has relevance to theology, or if you have some other work that would be interesting in this context even if it does not address theology directly, bring it with you to be screened at the Finished & Last-Minute Videos event at MUU Gallery.

The commentator of the screening is visual artist/priest Ilkka Sariola. Sariola graduated with an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 1998. He also has Master’s degree in theology from the University of Helsinki from 2013, where he majored in dogmatics. Between 1993 and 2005 Sariola exhibited widely in many solo and group exhibitions in Finland, including Kluuvi Gallery, MUU Gallery and annual Young Artists’ Exhibitions. He has also exhibited internationally in Milan, Moscow and Copenhagen and elsewhere. Sariola worked as a priest in the congregation of Kallio in Helsinki from 2010 to 2015. The Kallio Church has on display a crucifix painted by him.

The screening event will be hosted by artists Hanne Ivars and Markus Renvall.

As a warm-up to the screening, Markus Renvall will conduct a two-hour workshop to produce a last-minute video on the night’s theme. Focusing on experiments in digital moving image, the workshop will result in a collectively created last-minute video, which will be screened during the evening.

Register for the free workshop or reserve a seat for yourself at the screening HERE

Everyone is welcome!

The video screening will start after the workshop, at 18.00 hours. Bring your own video to be screened, or just enjoy videos by others. Finished and last-minute videos are equally welcome.

The video night will continue as long as there are videos to be screened! Free admission!