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– Images as trees, like all the snows yet to come

MUU Gallery
Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki
Avoinna: ti-pe 12-17, la-su 12-16

Oula Salokannel ja Annu Wilenius

The installations by Oula Salokannel and Annu Wilenius are created using many different mediums. They allude to the Japanese still life tradition through which the two artists examine Finnish existence from a dweller’s point of view, as an ‘inhabited reality’, the substratum of life. Although the two artists have collaborated for several years, in this exhibition they present independent works that are presented in the gallery side by side.


Salokannel and Wilenius are both interested in potentials protected by dead zones, the traces of historical narratives and continuums. Set up within poetic still lifes, the natural materials, objects and words create a space in which the act of observing the manifestation of things – figurative or figure-like – challenges the viewer like ‘your own yard’ of the imagination. From this personal vantage point, the world opens up like living history, a site that articulates new temporal connections or views: a storage space, a backyard, the rain-smelling flipside of the common and the acknowledged.

Oula Salokannel has worked as a visual artists in Finland and abroad since 2006. The sub-components of his installations are text, the Finnish language, remnants, structures, objects and photography. He is interested in ‘the domain of the after-image’, the tension that arises between the time in images and the image of time. Salokannel’s previous solo exhibition was at the Studio gallery in the Lönnström Art Museum in 2014. In the future he will also be working with arboriculture.

Annu Wilenius has worked as a visual artist since 2000 and as curator and teacher since 2005. Most of her works are installations made of photographs, videos, objects and text; and also trees, stones, moss and fungi, at least in this exhibition. The underlying idea is lush greenery, but because the exhibition is in November, it will more likely resemble a garden of death. Wilenius is currently working on a doctoral dissertation on her travels and exhibitions in Mongolia.

Salokannel and Wilenius have collaborated on a number of occasions, also within the international Bare House exhibition project organised by Wilenius in Finland and Mongolia. Their first collaboration was an exhibition entitled The Raft, the River and the Plumtree at Galleria Sinne in Helsinki in 2010.