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MUU Gallery – Signals from the South: Parasite Radio

MUU Gallery


Pixelache is celebrating its 15 years anniversary. The exhibition at MUU Gallery includes wide selection of documentations by Antti Ahonen of all phases of the process, Parasite Radio-project from Signals from the South-program and Juan Duartes soundpiece Aeolian Artefacts.

Opening of the exhibition is on Thursday 21.9.2017 at 17.00.
KOELSE will be playing live at the opening

KOELSE, also known as the Association of Experimental Electronics is also celebrating its 15 years anniversary. KOELSE has worked in Pixelache context numerous times, this time they are building an installation based on the basic frequency of the electricity distribution network: 50 hz.

As a part of Signals from the South-program we have Parasite Radio-project by Juan Duarte, Jon Irigoyen and Mikko Lipiäinen.  It will be connecting Helsinki, Mexico City and  Amsterdam through live streams. Juan Duartes soundpiece Aeolian Artefacts will also be presented.

On Monday 25.9.2017 17.00-19.00 there will be a Muu Monday -event which includes discussion about archiving. Antti Ahonen and Andrew Paterson will be present.

Pixelache: Local & Decentralised -festival has received support from Avek, Ministry of Education and Culture, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and Genelec.