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Artists' Association MUU » Anne Naukkarinen ja Maarit Mustonen – WATER FALL 5
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Anne Naukkarinen ja Maarit Mustonen – WATER FALL 5

MUU Gallery

Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

WATER FALL 5_Naukkarinen Mustonen
Anna Naukkarinen ja Maarit Mustonen


WATER FALL 5 is a work through which we investigate metamorphosis and human relations. Using a random, associative method, we will create a performance for two performers and audience at MUU Gallery. The performance lasts about 30 minutes. Only a limited number of seats.


Thursday 14.9. at 18:00 (fully booked)
Saturday 16.9. at 18:00 (fully booked)
Sunday 17.9. at 13:30 (part of Helsinki Art Walk)
Sunday 17.9. at 16:00 (fully booked)

The performance is in English.


Bodies, language, images and space will all be moving and changing in relation to each other. We are intrigued by conflict and tension and the feelings of liberation they can awaken.

WATER FALL 5 is part of a project launched in 2016 in which we explore memory, imagination, commitment and liquid forms of matter. WATER FALL consists of performances and installations. In terms of duration, the performances have ranged from 30 minute to 12 hours, while the component parts of the installations have ranged from sounds to photographs and beyond.

The first instalment of WATER FALL premiered at contemporary art space Kutomo in October 2016, and has since been shown at B-galleria in Turku and at Asematila and SIC spaces in Helsinki. After the performances in MUU Gallery, the sixth instalment will be performed at the XS Festival for New Dance and Performance at Kutomo in November 2917.

Maarit Mustonen comes from Vantaa. She works with images, writing and performance both alone and with people from different professional disciplines. She has studied photography at Lahti Institute of Design, social sciences at the University of Helsinki, and has an MFA degree from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Anne Naukkarinen comes from Imatra. She creates performances that feature moving bodies, sounds and language. She often creates them in collaboration with artists representing other disciplines. She has studied dance and choreography at Theatre Academy in Helsinki and is currently studying for a Master’s degree at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Maarit Mustonen and Anne Naukkarinen both live currently in Helsinki. They met abroad by chance in early 2014, and have been working together ever since.