SAGI GRONER (1971, Israel)

Sagi Groner's videos and installations examine the various social and political realities and their influence in the individual. His art is characterised by personal touch and intimate approach to the subjects and issues. The themes in his works range from survival and freedom to control and destruction.

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04-11-02, DVD, 22 min

A documentary in the first person, that powerfully reveals the reality of
living with suicide bombings. Sagi Groner was spending his birthday back in
Israel with some close friends, when a suicide bomber struck in a shopping mall a few blocks away. Somewhat reluctantly his friends agreed to go to the site with him. 04-11-02 is the filmmaker's video diary of going to the site and back to the house while having surprisingly revealing and intimate discussions about the issue. These talks represent a somber and hidden angle of the over-mediated middle-eastern conflict, one that lacks the familiar heated emotions of politics and religion, beyond the chewed-up cliches of a never-ending war. Because of the outsider-insider duality of Groner in Israel, the film manages to probe into the mundane with striking sincerity and subtlety. Groner manages to give us a glimpse of what it is like to live in a society with a constant threat of suicide bombs.



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